The recent Body Transformation Challenge I joined, really helped me gain so much knowledge and understanding on how to use the Herbalife Nutrition products. Taking part enabled me to become more educated on what I can use to help me with nutrition and my weight loss journey. The support I received has been nothing short of amazing. Using the products throughout the challenge, I feel great inside and out, and not only can I see and feel the results, family, and friends around me are noticing the positive changes in me. I’m loving my Herbalife Nutrition lifestyle!



As a Senior Consultant with Herbalife Nutrition I really want to congratulate everyone who took part in the Body Transformation Challenge. I hope everyone who took part got the results they were after, whether it was muscle gain or weight loss. In regards to my journey while on the challenge, it was hard, it was fun and there were lots of ups and downs – the ups being muscle gain and downs being the fat loss. Since completing the challenge, I’m feeling good!



I started on the Ultimate Program because I had gained some extra weight and wasn’t feeling as good as I know I could have been.

Over a period of 8 weeks, I managed to shed several kilos and was starting to feel fantastic. I joined in the Body Transformation Challenge in the Muscle Gains category to help me to shred some body fat and gain lean muscle mass. I added in some of the Herbalife24 range to help me to achieve this as well as using the Personal Protein Powder.

I managed to shred even more body fat and increase my muscle mass by more than 1% in 4 weeks. I love the Herbalife Nutrition products and am so grateful to be able to use these products every day to achieve my wellness goals.



The recent Herbalife Nutrition BTC Challenge helped me come into the routine of eating healthy and losing weight throughout the challenge. The support from my coach and the team on the Facebook page was outstanding. They really helped me understand the products and tips around how we can enjoy our meals with Herbalife Nutrition products.


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