Which products do you use?

I start my day with a Formula 1 Shake with added Personalised Protein Powder and Active Fibre Complex for an extra boost. I’ll then have an Instant Herbal Beverage in the morning and add Herbal Aloe Concentrate to my water throughout the day. I always finish my training sessions off with a H24 Rebuild Strength shake that packs the post-workout protein.

How long have you used Herbalife Nutrition products?

I’ve been using the products for about a year now – I started using the products in the UK during lockdown when I wasn’t training just to maintain a good nutrition regime. I was surprised at how filling the shakes were and ended up using them morning and night and felt great.

What do you think about the products in general?

The Herbalife Nutrition products are a great compliment to my overall diet. The shakes are convenient, full of vitamins and minerals and I like that I can stay fuller for longer.

Which are your favourite products and why?

Herbalife24 CR7 Drive is one of my favourites, I like to have it the night before a game and also use it with Hydrate during training and games.